How great design improves conversion rates

October 31st, 2017

Great websites make people convert and poor ones make them desert. But why is that? It’s because design is paramount. Regardless of the specific content or offerings of your site, its design can be the difference between the conversation rate being 10% or all the way down to 0.2%. You do want to make the most amount of money possible from your site and give your visitors the best experience you can, don’t you? Of course you do! And that’s why we’ve put together a list of 3 design principles you can use to create a high converting website.

Choose the right colors

Despite what people might like to think, we make buying decisions from emotional rather than logical states of mind. It’s the reason why car brands place “perfect families” in their ads. They know that you know that the family won’t come with the car, but they also know that its presence will make you associate that car with the ideal and want it more. Colors also have a similar effect but as for which will be appropriate for you, well that just depends on your own particular brand identity.

Keep your design simple

Remember that in order to get people to convert, you need to provide them with the info they’re looking for as quickly as is humanly possible. The longer someone spends trying to figure your site out then the less likely they’ll be to buy from you.

The more simple and clean your design is then the less room you’ll have for confusion which will allow you to concentrate on fundamental design elements. This will give you a logical and easy way to navigate site layout and allow for highly visible calls to action which contrast greatly with the background and scream ‘click me’. You should also consider getting rid of unnecessary embellishments like drop down shadows, visual effects, gradients and the like.


Make your page layouts logical

People have tough jobs that often force them to figure out solutions to complex issues, but they don’t want to be Sherlock Holmes in their spare time, so don’t make them.


As said in the last tip, your site should have a simple and clean design that allows each new idea to logically flow from the last and a great way to achieve this is with the F-pattern. The F-pattern is a simple but effective design strategy that’s been seen to create an up to 35.6% increase in sales when adopted.



Ritu Ashrafi is the Director of Customer Advocacy at Logojoy, an online logo maker powered by artificial intelligence. Start designing a professional-quality logo for your business here.