Our resellers program has caught up extremely well with the people in online reselling business. One of the many jewels in the crown is our exceptionally well planned and built Supersite or retailing website for retailers. Our effort speaks for the fact that we want the resellers associated with us to make maximum revenue along with the comfort of reselling through our wonderful Supersite. The ease of use which you will experience with our Supersite will make you addicted to it.


Understand the Supersite

We understand that the reseller’s retail website will be the medium for his customers to get the experience about the products on resale. Therefore we have worked hard to make that website or medium extremely special for the reseller. Our Supersite is a platform provided to the reseller and his customers to interact and engage in business. Our supersite has complete private labeling where the reseller’s customers can sign up for the products and services on offer without knowing that we are associated with the reseller in any manner.


The supersite will provide the reseller complete ownership of his brand. As soon as any reseller will sign up with our reseller program, then we will provide him with his own Supersite which will be completely ready for business and the reseller can immediately start selling his products. Our Supersite is made for making the reseller’s business experience easier and this site is complete in all respects.


Own it, customize it

The Supersite we offer can be completely customized by the reseller according to his own taste. While designing the Supersite we always understand that the reseller will also have his own resellers and the customization feature is extended to them also. The reseller and his associates can make changes in the design features like images, CSS and HTML with the help of Content Management System which is very easy to use and provides facilities for complete customization of the Supersite.


It’s ease of use globally

Our resellers can be of any nationality and background and their clientele will also be all over the globe. So, we have made the Supersite to be fully accustomed to multilingual requirements to increase its global appeal. In fact the reseller and his associates can make additional changes in the translation of the website too.


Our multi-tier and automated approach

We provide private labeled Supersite copies for all the resellers of our reseller too so that they have the same wonderful reselling experience and our reseller can be assured that expanding his business will never be a problem with our services. Our supersites have total automation over payment methods, online invoice raising and payment gateways integration with the payment methods etc.


It’s unique shopping cart

Our smart shopping cart in the Supersite is laced with features like automatic product suggestions for the customers based on their earlier product selection and navigation, seamless scrolling over website and products for customers etc. These features make the shopping experience for customers more memorable and it will directly impact the sales on the resellers’’ website.


Our unique and easily manageable Supersite, our resellers will always get `more than their expectations’ in every regard.